A Place of Her Own: The Legacy of Oregon Pioneer Martha Poindexter Maupin taps into one of the West’s great stories, the bold pioneer crossing a continent, here seen through the eyes of a woman. Martha defies her parents to marry the dashing Garrett Maupin and follows him west across the Oregon Trail, but their struggles in a raw new land soon shatter her dreams of an idyllic life with him. Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield, TwoDot Imprint

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The Shifting Winds, finalist for the Nancy Pearl Book Award, portrays the dilemma of reluctant pioneer Jennie Haviland, whose father takes the family west over the Oregon Trail. Jennie meets two young men, American mountain man Jake Johnston and British Hudson’s Bay Company clerk Alan Radford. The two vie for Jennie, as their nations vie for the contested territory of this rich frontier. Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield, TwoDot Imprint

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Upcoming Projects

Janet’s writing focus has turned to the remarkable islands of Ireland and Crete, two of the last holdouts of peace and freedom in the ancient world. Upcoming projects include these working titles.

Whisper of Wings, Book One. Irish clan leader Bria knew only peace before the slave traders came, but now she must learn the grief of wielding weapons of war that could save her people or shatter her way of life. ~ PNWA Literary Contest Finalist  

Bohonagh Stone Circle near Rosscarbery, Ireland

Stars Raining Down, Book Two. Bria’s son Leowen helps fight off invaders from Iberia, but he clashes with his mother, who must overturn tradition to heal the rift and save the clan. 

Webs of Stone, Book Three. Bria’s venturous young cousin Zaira disguises herself as a man to travel to nearby Great Isle, but rebel outlaws abduct her and lead her into a dangerous plot to challenge their oppressive overlords. 

Trail above Buttermere Water, Lake District, UK

Beyond the Waning Moon, Book Four. Idealistic Cretan priestess Helaina, brave bull leaper and snake dancer, sees her peaceful homeland change forever when the warriors come. ~ PNWA Literary Contest Finalist  

Mycenaean armor with boar tusk helmet, Nafplio, Greece

Grains of Light, Book Five. Helaina faces new challenges when a bitter tribal lord pursues vengeance against her people, and she must save the life of the beloved man who once saved hers. 

Past the Shadows, Book Six. The work of exquisite artisan Sarena will one day speak across time, but her beauty and art become unwitting lures for a greedy man who threatens all of Crete.  

Throne room with griffin frescoes, Knossos, Crete

Talia, Book Seven. The spirited priestess Talia rails against her destiny to choose a man she does not love as her king and consort, but she must put aside her own desires to take up arms against the enemy. 

Her Own Blood, Book Eight. The irrepressible beauty, Avalin of Ireland, falls into the hands of Iberian slave traders and a conflicted Iberian lord, and she faces a terrible choice if she would hold onto a glimmer of happiness. 

Almendres Cromlech in cork forest near Évora, Portugal

Pushing the Tide, Book Nine. Avalin begins to care for her slave lord, but when she learns he’ll join in the invasion of Ireland, her cry for help in an Iberian stone circle evokes a response far beyond her expectations. 

Seeding the Light, Book Ten. Corynne, devoted artisan of Crete, becomes torn between her love for Crete and for Irishman Vallero, whose gift with the sword could help defend against Crete’s prophesied fall.  

Relief fresco of a charging bull, Knossos, Crete

Glimmer in the Weave, Book Eleven. The danger to Crete looms, and Corynne and Vallero face their worst fears when the ghostly figure of her nightmares seeks final retribution for an ancient deed.