New Pages

As I head into my book launch, new pages are up and running on my blog.

First, I’ve added a “Book Clubs” page with questions and topics for discussion for the convenience of book clubs who would like to choose A Place of Her Own for DSCN0174reading in their groups.

Second, there’s an “Events” page listing upcoming events in more detail than the list on the sidebar. I’ll keep the sidebar for quick checks, but if you need more detail you’ll find it on the new page.

Third, there a “News Briefs” page where I’ll highlight news–sometimes for a quick summary of what has already been featured on a blog post, sometimes news that doesn’t necessarily warrant a blog post.

Fourth, there’s a “Review” page where I’ll post reviews in part or in full as they come in. For now, I’m offering a pre-publication comment that feels like a review to me.

All the new pages have new links from my website pages. Or you can click the links at the top of my blog or at the top of any of the new pages.

As I head into the book launch, I hope this new information will help fans to follow the process.