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RG p1When I first told Scott Landfield about my book, A Place of Her Own, about my great-great-grandmother Martha, he suggested I contact Randi Bjornstad from the Eugene Register-Guard. As proprietor of Tsunami Books in Eugene, Scott keeps tabs on the book scene in Lane County.

Following his advice I asked my publicist from Globe Pequot to send Randi a copy of the book and a press release. I followed up with an email to Randi providing personal information about the story’s connection with Lane County, and I believe Scott contacted her as well.

I was delighted when Randi emailed me requesting an interview. But when I learned she wanted to come out to the farm and bring a photographer I began getting excited. Eugene is an hour and a half away. The Register-Guard wouldn’t send out a reporter and photographer if they didn’t plan a fair-sized story.RG p2

A husband and wife team, Randi and the photographer, Paul Carter, drove down to the farm on a pleasant, sunny day, and spent most of an afternoon with me. We walked up the hill a ways to see more of the land. As we talked, enjoying the soft warmth of the sun, sharing companionable conversation, Paul snapped a lot of pictures of the scenery, then began turning the camera toward me. And Randi took more notes. She had already interviewed me by phone.

After returning to the house to check out some of the old photos in my office, we drove down the hill to the old prune dryer for more pictures, then made our way to the cemetery where Martha rests on a hill overlooking the river.

A lovely day.

Now, it’s a thrill to see the story in today’s Sunday paper. The upper picture on this post shows the first page in print of the Guard’s “Lifestyle” section. The lower picture shows the rest of the spread from the picture to the bottom of the page. My thanks to Randi and Paul, who did such a great job on the story and photos, and thanks to Scott for pointing me to them.


2 thoughts on “The Story

  1. Bunny Mode June 29, 2014 / 9:15 am

    Very interesting story in our paper today. I learned things about the farm I didn’t know. I think I’ve walked some of the land that Martha did.

  2. Janet Fisher June 29, 2014 / 11:14 am

    I’m sure you’ve walked some of the same land, Bunny. Randi and Paul did a great job with the story and the photos, didn’t they?

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