When Writers Meet

My writers’ group came out to my house at the farm today for our regular luncheon meeting.

From left to right: Lynn Ash, Jennifer Newcomb-Marine, Kristine Jensen, Carol Brownson, and Susan Wyatt. We missed Elizabeth King, who’s out sick.

After our lunch we take turns talking about our current projects, sometimes reading a sample of our work. That’s my new manuscript on the near end of the table. I read a few opening pages from Chapter One from my protagonist’s viewpoint, and a few pages from the viewpoint of another major player in the second chapter. I was thrilled by the group’s response.

We always go away inspired and encouraged. Writing and marketing can be a tough go, so it’s great to have such a supportive group to help us over the rough spots and cheer us for the accomplishments, as well as just the fun of getting together.

They don’t often come out to my place since it’s a bit of a trek, forty to sixty miles. I think they all enjoyed the trip into the country. A beautiful day.

And once more for the memories:

Spring Abloom

The new little prune-plum orchard came into bloom, heralding spring on the farm. About a month late, given the late spring we’re having in western Oregon. We just went from frosty mornings to summery afternoons. With warm sunny days now the fruit should set well. It’ll be interesting to see. My kids and I planted this small orchard below the hazelnuts soon after we moved to the farm.

In my other life, my writing life, the new book blooms too. The rough draft’s complete. Beta readers reading. I can’t seem to leave it alone. I think of a change I want to make in one of the scenes. I fix that. Read a little farther because–well the words are on the screen right in front of me. The next thing I know an hour has passed, or two, and I have read many more pages. The story has captured me. I’m immersed in the world of my characters in faraway lands, deep in the past, caught in their overwhelming dilemmas. The joys. The sorrows. The anger. The triumphs. I believe that bodes well.

Feedback is good so far. Some constructive critiquing and suggesting. But overall positive.

I still need to do several more straight-through readings myself for fine tuning, once the initial revisions are made.

May it all produce fruit.