A Visit of White Hawks

white hawk

Photo by Robin Loznak

If you’ve read A Place of Her Own you know what the white hawk means to me. So I want to share today’s thrill. I am sitting in my office, laptop on my lap, composing another blog post when I look up and see white hawks soaring above the field below me. Two white hawks! They must both be males, because the female marsh hawk would be gray. What are they? Nest mates? Sons of the white hawk who visited me when I was writing Martha’s story? The one that seemed always to be a harbinger of good news?

I watch them for a while, lifting together in synchronous flight, parting, sweeping high, darting low to the ground, together again, rising as one, until they fly out of my sight. Then I sit down to write this.

I’ve seen them more than once in the last week or so. A couple of days ago I saw three. Three! Whatever it means to see them visiting again, they do lift my spirits, as if letting me rise on their wings.

The photo above, taken by my son-in-law Robin Loznak, appears in the book, A Place of Her Own. It almost failed to make the cut. He’d been trying for some time to capture this one on camera so it could go in the book, but it kept eluding him. Deadline came and no hawk picture. Then a few days after the deadline it appeared when he had his camera in hand. Thankfully my editor agreed to add the picture, deadline or no.

This morning I feel lightened by the hawks’ return.