Thinking of Ireland

As drought dries the landscape of my Oregon home, turning the green to gold, I dream of the green fields of Ireland.

Horses in Ireland’s green fields

One day soon I hope to revisit the magic of Ireland. Meanwhile my books take me there.

My upcoming book series features two island settings–Ireland and Crete. For some time I have started this ancient historical saga in Crete, but I’m bringing Ireland forward now with Whisper of Wings as the opening book, where they call the place by its old name Éire.

Irish clan leader Bria knew only peace before the slave traders came, but she must now learn the grief of bearing weapons of war to save her People of the Stones. The Éireanns play a role in most of the other stories.

I first visited Ireland because of my Irish roots. My DNA shows at least a trickle of Irish blood. I know my maternal grandparents were both part Irish. That was enough for me to adopt the place.

By the next trip I had learned more about the stone circles scattered over Ireland and had drafted Whisper of Wings. One more trip helped answer new questions that came up as the series grew. I see another Irish book in the future, beyond the series–or loosely tied to it. The island shall always hold a special place in my heart. The green and the friendliness of its people and the magic of its ancient monuments refresh my soul.

Irish back roads on the way to Bohonagh Stone Circle near Rosscarbery
The magic of ancient stones and new spring bluebells at Bohonagh Stone Circle, Ireland

4 thoughts on “Thinking of Ireland

  1. Wilma Mican August 21, 2022 / 8:27 pm

    I too have Irish roots. Am anxious to read what you glean from your trips there. My nieces and their husbands just returned. So pretty.

    Thank for sharing.



  2. Janet Fisher August 22, 2022 / 8:19 am

    Thanks for commenting, Wilma. Glad to hear of your Irish roots. Ireland is a lovely place. Such beauty in the green and the sea. Such mystery in the stone circles and passage tombs and other ancient monuments.The people are so friendly. They have great music too. If you look over to the right on the sidebar of these website pages you’ll see a list of posts about “Going There.” Numbers eleven and twelve follow my last trek into Ireland.

  3. Wilma Mican August 28, 2022 / 5:49 pm

    When can I buy one of your books about Ireland from you?


  4. Janet Fisher August 28, 2022 / 5:51 pm

    As soon as it’s published. I’ll keep you posted.

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