Alum Attention

oregon-stater-winterMy book The Shifting Winds made the winter edition of the Oregon Stater, alumni magazine for Oregon State University graduates. That’s the magazine cover at right with the leaping OSU beaver.

They didn’t do book cover photos for the article, the way they did for A Place of Her Own a couple of years ago, or the way the U of O’s Oregon Quarterly alum magazine did for both books.

I’m one of those platypus people. I earned a bachelor’s degree from OSU and a master’s from the U of O, so I receive both alum magazines and have been recognized in both.

In this edition I’m included in a story, “Published,” on page 55 among other Oregon State graduates whose books were recently released.

Also on the list is my friend Dianne Kaye Carter from my Roseburg writers group with her new novel, Misled. Congratulations, Dianne!

And there, folks, you have ideas for that last-minute shopping trip for Christmas.

Wishing all my followers Happy Holidays and a wonderful new year. May we find peace and prosperity and hope.


Shifting Winds Recommended

I’m excited to announce that my new book, The Shifting Winds, has been recommended by the Oregon Quarterly, the University of Oregon alumni magazine. I just opened my Autumn 2016 edition and here it is in their “Bookmarks” section of new books by U of O alumni authors.


What a delightful surprise!

My first book, A Place of Her Own, received the same recognition after its publication in 2014. I told about that in a post back then.

The Oregon Stater alum magazine recognized A Place of Her Own too, shown in another post.

I got a master’s degree in journalism from the U of O and a bachelor’s from Oregon State, making me a platypus, I guess, a cross between a duck and a beaver.

I need to keep an eye on these magazines. I’m so glad they appreciate the work.

Here’s the magazine cover of the above announcement.


Alum Magazine Recognition

718.Oregon Stater Book NotesMy book got notice in the Winter 2015 issue of the Oregon Stater magazine for OSU alums.

A nice surprise when you’re thumbing through a magazine that just arrived in the mail.

I suddenly stopped turning pages. “Whoa! I know that book jacket.”

619.Oregon qtly listTook me a moment to realize it’s an earlier version of the cover with the white ribbon. I don’t know how they acquired that photo, but it’s nice to get the recognition.

I guess I’m what’s called a platypus. I was a beaver for my undergraduate work and a duck for my masters.

The U of O alum magazine, the Oregon Quarterly, gave the book recognition in their Autumn 2014 issue, shown here at right with the brown ribbon that graces the actual book.

I don’t think anyone will mistake the book, whether the ribbon’s white or brown. It’s a pretty distinctive design, thanks to the artists at Globe Pequot Press.


In the Press

619.Oregon qtly listMartha’s book made the short list of recent books by University of Oregon alumni that “captured our imaginations,” as presented in the Autumn 2014 edition of Oregon Quarterly, the U of O magazine.

Just happened to pick it up from the pile of magazines that came while I was gallivanting off to Kansas and Missouri. Began thumbing through and there we were. Nice surprise.

618.Oregon qtly cover





The press has been good to us with big stories this summer in the Eugene and Roseburg papers.

When people came to my booth at Fort Umpqua Days in Elkton last weekend, many commented they’d read about my book in the paper, and I had to ask which one.

N-R storyThe Roseburg News-Review did a nice big story, written by Garrett Andrews with a photo by Michael Sullivan.

RG p1And the Eugene Register-Guard gave the book a huge spread, written by Randi Bjornstad with photos by Paul Carter.

Sometimes people had seen one, sometimes the other. And a few heard one of the “As It Was” segments about Martha on Jefferson Public Radio. What fun!

I’m delighted and thankful for the attention the book has received. Wouldn’t Martha be thrilled?